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Free Trade Zones

Open to trade and the distribution of goods.

In the Free Trade Zones domestic and foreign firms can operate under advantageous fiscal and customs conditions.

Free Trade Zones are open to sectors such as trade and the distribution of goods: products can be stored there with no need for final importation or exportation, thus reducing transit times and facilitating paperwork.

There are advantages in warehousing products in an FTZ for domestic exporters in terms of occupation and prepaid tax refunds, and for customers in terms of having products prepared, made ready, pre-dispatched and placed in the port for immediate transportation.

For importers, the fact that their suppliers have stock in a free trade zone means there is no need to consider transit times from the country of origin, and gives advantages over competitors in ease of handling, which may be determinant in terms of added value.

We also offer solutions in the free port of Hong Kong for firms that need the flexibility to consolidate cargo from different countries for re-shipment to a third country.

Free Trade Zones

  • Logistics solutions in Free Trade Zones
  • Logistics solutions in Hong Kong
  • Consolidation of freight to and from third countries
  • Short- and long-duration warehousing services
  • Adaptation of products to local market requirements:
  • Creation of a product register.
  • Creation of labels.
  • Translation of documents.
  • Re-packaging.
  • Re-shipment overseas.
  • Local distribution, etc.