Commitment to customers

Ertransit Spain

The Shipping Department of the Erhardt group of companies was founded in the 1940s . Since then it has undergone many changes, eventually leading at the turn of the 21st century to Ertransit . This means that the company can reap the benefits of over 70 years of work.

Sonce then Ertransit has grown and consolidated its position as a benchmark company in the Spanish logistics business, with logistics platforms in Barcelona, Bilbao, Madrid, Valencia, the Balearics and the Canary Isles.

In 2016 it founded a 100% Chinese firm: ERTRANSIT International Freight Agency (Shanghai) Co. Ltd.

Ertransit is a member of the Erhardt corporate group, which was founded in 1882. Ertransit is currently a major player in the sector, offering customised transport and logistics services.

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ERTRANSIT’s corporate culture is based on the following principles:

Commitment to customers

ERTRANSIT is staffed by people who strive to provide our customers and partners with the best solutions, so as to build up sound, lasting relationships with them. The staff of Chinese and Spanish nationals are capable of handling the idiosyncrasies of both cultures, which is a necessary skill in our market.

People as the mainstay of the project

It is the people who make up the staff of ERTRANSIT who are the foundation of our business, and we are proud of their talent, motivation, innovation and capability for hard work.

Innovation as the way forward

The global market is being re-shaped by continual innovations and changes in the needs and expectations of customers and partners. That is why we provide new, innovative alternatives in services and processes that bring tangible value to our customers and partners.