We can

cut your




We can reduce your transit times to the end customer.

We improve your supply chain and stock management:

  • We can consolidate your shipment at any port or airport in China or Hong Kong.
  • We reduce your transport costs.
  • Medium- and long-duration warehousing at leading ports for logistics: Shanghai, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Hong Kong.

Also solutions in the Free Trade Zones:

  • We can reduce your transit times to the end customer by offering solutions in the FTZ.
  • We can make the dispatching of imports more flexible.
  • We adapt your product prior to delivery.

General Warehouse

Short- and long-duration warehousing services.
Consolidation of cargo from different suppliers in a single shipment.
Facilities with controlled temperature and humidity.

Value-added services

Customs operations.
Packaging and labelling.
Quality inspections.
Cargo monitoring in containers Inventory monitoring.

Stock management

Facilities in China and Hong Kong.
Local distribution.
Order Management.